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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals (Assessment 4)

Assessment 4

  1. In order to create an AdWords Conversion tracking tag in Tag Manager, you must first get what from your AdWords account?

    (select all that apply)

  2. If you wanted to dynamically capture the values of conversions associated with your AdWords tag, what would you put in the Conversion Value field?

  3. What two pieces of information does Google Analytics Dynamic Remarketing use to show website visitors ads for content they previously viewed?

    (select all that apply)

  4. To set up Dynamic Remarketing, you must do which of these things?

    (select all that apply)

  5. What business information does AdWords use to generate dynamic ads based on a user’s past interactions with products and services on a website?

  6. Where can you find a complete list of business vertical-attribute information for Google Analytics?

  7. For Dynamic Remarketing, what will you need to set up in Analytics to collect information from the Data Layer and send it to AdWords?

  8. For Dynamic Remarketing, what kind of variable will you need to set up in Tag Manager to collect information in the Data Layer?

  9. For Dynamic Remarketing, if you wish to communicate information from the Data Layer to AdWords when a user adds a product to their shopping cart without refreshing the page, what kind of Analytics track type would you use?

  10. For Dynamic Remarketing, to set your tag to fire on a particular page, what should your trigger variable be set to?

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