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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals (Assessment 1)

Assessment 1

1.     How can Google Tag Manager help you manage your website?

(select all that apply)

2.     Google Tag Manager can only be used with Google tags

3.     When creating a tag implementation plan, what are the recommended guidelines?

(select all that apply)

4.     If you wish to track metrics and dimensions in Google Analytics, which of these tags could you use?

5.     What is stored in a Tag Manager container?

6.     What is a “container snippet” in Tag Manager?

7.     A Tag Manager account allows you to do which of the following?:

(select all that apply)

8.     What is a “trigger” in Tag Manager?

9.     What are the three parts of a trigger in Tag Manager?

10.How do you enable a built-in variable in Tag Manager?


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