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Friday, September 5, 2014

Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals (Assessment 2)

Here you will find the all questions and answers for Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals (Assessment 2) Certification

Assessment - 2

Which type of ad appears on Google search engine result pages based on users’ search terms?
 Search ads
 Display ads
 Social ads
 Email sponsorships

Which type of ad appears appears as a banner on websites, videos, or within other apps?
 Search ads
 Display ads
 Social ads
 Email sponsorships

What is the term for targeting ads to users who have previously visited your website or app?

To view AdWords data in your Google Analytics reports you must first:
(select all that apply)
 Link your AdSense and AdWords accounts
 Link your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts
 Enable geo-tagging
 Enable auto-tagging

Select one reason that apps marketplace data might appear as “not set” in Google Analytics:
 You have not correctly connected your Analytics account to AdMob
 The app marketplace doesn’t support the App Installer ID
 You have not associated your app to your app marketplace
 You have exceeded data limits in Analytics

Which report shows the traffic sources that brought users to your app marketplace, how long they stayed, and how much money they spent?
 Sources report
 App Marketplace report
 New Users report
 AdWords Campaigns report

Which report shows how users moved through the acquisition process including marketplace views, installs, and drop-offs?
 App Overview report
 Audience reports
 Behavior Flow report
 Google Play Referral Flow report

Which report shows an overview of users who launched your app for the first time?
 Active Users report
 New Users report
 App Versions report
 New vs Returning report

What is the term for separating distinct groups of users in Google Analytics to compare their similarities and differences?

Audience report data can help you:
(select all that apply)
 Understand common characteristics of your audience
 Design better demographic targeting for your advertising campaigns
 Improve your users’ app experience based on language or geography
 Identify new apps or websites you can use to advertise your mobile app

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