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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

SEM (PPC) Interview Questions

Some Important SEM (PPC) Interview Questions for Accenture and Other Big Brand Companies

  1. How many years of experience in Adwords. Are you certified?
  2. Do you have experience in CPC, PPC, CPM and CTR? Explain
  3. Have you worked on any DoubleClick product? Explain
  4. Have you done Search and display advertising. Explain and differentiate them
  5. What is the Display Network in Adwords? (GDN). If answers, ask him to explain.
  6. Do you have hands-on experience in Remarketing? Explain Remarketing. How   do you do it?
  7. How does remarketing help
  8. How can you calculate Ad Rank?
  9. Do you have experience in Ad Scheduling?
  10. Do you have experience in creating Ad Groups?
  11. Have you done Re-Targeting? Explain
  12. What are PLA ads? (Product Listing Ads) – How does this work
  13. Suppose I do not want to use PLA, and my objective is Branding. Which type of campaign would you suggest?
  14. Do you have experience in positioning of Ads? Explain some of the factors.
  15. What is quality score and how do you measure it? Do keywords play any role in terms of quality score?
  16. Do you have experience in MSN? How is it different to Adwords?
  17. Do you have experience in Ad sense? How is it different to Adwords?
  18. Explain - end to end cycle for campaign management
  19. Campaign management or account management – what is the difference?
  20. How do you improve the performance of the campaign?
  21. How do you check creative is working fine?
  22. Campaign is under pacing - what do you do.. how do you improve the pacing?
  23. In DFA how would you do it - which option would you go for to improve pacing?
  24. Why does a campaign under performs.  what do you think can be a reason for that? give at least 3 examples.
  25. Do you think the bid value has linked with under pacing. How is it linked to under pacing?
  26. DFA as a product - how comfortable are you with the tool.
  27. What do you know about DFA.  Explain the difference in DFA and DFP
  28. Do you think DFA is an ad exchange?
  29. If I’m Honda - how will should I measure the performance of my campaign. 
  30. When do you prefer a CPA campaign? which client would use it?
  31. What will Accenture or Google get from your experience.  What would you bring to our companies.
  32. Do you know about Rich media creative? which tool do you use to create Rich Media creative.
  33. What is the end output of the trafficking process?
  34. What does tags mean? what do they do?
  35. What does setting up the campaign mean?
  36. What is a click tag? Whom do you give this tag too?
  37. Explain the typical trafficking process.
  38. What can go wrong in trafficking?
  39. What kind of tags are available in DFA?
  40. What is the difference in the JavaScript tag or HTML tag?
  41. Where is JavaScript tag preferred?
  42. Where would you use the iframe tag?
  43. What is floodlight? what does it do? (tracks the user activity.. what did the user do)
  44. wWhen does floodlight tag not fire? what could be the reasons?
  45. Suppose URL was hardcoded, how will floodlight react?
  46. How do you verify and QA for placement check in DFA? 
  47. What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?
  48. What do people most often criticize about you
  49. What was it like working for your manager?
  50. What have you done to promote great customer service?
  51. How frequently do you meet with project members?
  52. Identify important project members?
  53. What steps do you take to motivate others?
  54. Explain how you've solved a conflict by utilizing effective listening skills?
  55. How do you organize projects and prioritize tasks?
  56. Provide examples of when and why you were satisfied with past project results?
  57. Can you reach project objectives in fast-paced settings?
  58. Do you meet project deadlines? If you haven't met a deadline in the past, explain why.
  59. Do you effectively delegate responsibilities? Could you have better utilized team members' assistance in the past?

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