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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How social media can help in online reputation management ?

Social media has emerged as an important tool in online reputation management. With its popularity, it has the potential to reach innumerable people, making it the perfect vehicle for brand reputation management. If handled well with regular updating, there can be no better tool for this purpose.

Online Presence: Registering with a social site, such as Facebook or Google+ automatically ensures an online presence. You can get your own page without any extra cost and with very little effort. Unlike building up your own blog or website, a page on a social media does not require any expertise and can be done in a matter of minutes. You can also add followers and friends quite easily. This makes it ideal for search engine reputation management as well.

Interaction: Social sites, by their very nature, are highly interactive. With millions of people logging onto them every day, they are without doubt the most active spaces on the web. Effective corporate reputation management involves regular updating and interaction with others. Keep updating your status, post photos and videos. You can also use it for search engine reputation management by linking it with other profiles, post link from relevant pages and share other interesting snippets from other sites.

Establishing Expertise: Another way of using social media for manipulating your online reputation is by establishing your expertise. By regularly updating on important industry or trade related matters, you can establish a brand or personal reputation of expertise. You can also register in professional social media like LinkedIn. You can also join relevant groups. These ensure visibility among a much targeted consumer group as well as establishing your personal reputation among your peers.

Corrective Action: Not just in ensuring your visibility, social sites are also proactive in alerting and tracking their member’s reputations. You can utilize online reputation management tools on social sites that track and alert you on many aspects like your employee’s name, brand’s name on these sites. On Twitter, for instance, you can use Twitter Search to look out for particular keywords. It comes with advanced features that give you answers that are more detailed. You can also go for independent tools like Social Mention that sends you email alerts on the mention of any particular keyword on social sites.

In today’s world, Social Media is an indispensable tool when it comes to online reputation management. They ensure an online presence, help you interact and establish your expertise. By keeping a track of your brand, they also alert you in time to take corrective action.

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