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Thursday, December 15, 2011

9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+

Can Google+ steal users from Facebook? Yep. There are good reasons to switch from Facebook to Google+, ranging from ease-of-use to respect for data privacy.

When people ask “can Google+ beat Facebook?” they’re misstating the question. It’s not about one site versus another site. Google+ is bigger than that. The reason Google calls it the “Google+ Project” is that Google+ will become a central part of Google’s whole identity. It will reshape the company. So the real question is “can Google beat  Facebook?” Put that way, the contest seems a lot more even.
Facebook, of course, has a huge head start, but there are good reasons for people to seriously consider dumping Facebook for Google+. [See our Hands-on Review]

1. Integration with Google Services

The biggest wedge Google has for driving people toward using Google+ is integration. That is, Google will build Google+ social networking features and tools into almost all of its existing online services from Search to Documents to Video (YouTube). Google+ is already integrated into the navigation bar at the top right of almost all Google products; this lets you monitor all Google+ events (updates, messages, etc.) as well as share content with friends without ever leaving the Google service you happen to be using. Millions and millions of people use Google's free services (Gmail, Docs, Search, etc.), and with Google+ bound so tightly to them it may start to seem silly to jump out to some other site (Facebook) to do your social networking.

2. Better Friend Management

Google is right that the “Circles” concept is more in line with the way we make friends in real life. We have many different kinds of friends, and we interact with them and communicate with them in very different ways. Facebook’s Groups feature lets you form ad hoc groups of friends, but compared to the way its done in Google+ it seems cumbersome. After all, Facebook’s Groups feature is pretty new; it was “built on”, while friend "circles" are the bedrock of the Google+ platform.

3. Better Mobile App

If you're an Android user, you may find that getting content from your phone to your social platform is easier, cleaner more functional with the Google+ mobile app. The app is already great, but Google will seek more and more ways to make your Android phone a seemless appendage of your Google+ social platform. Google hopes to use itshuge Android user base as a wedge against Facebook, whose mobile app, while nice-looking, is a little clunky to use.

4. Easier to Find Stuff to Share

Google+'s Sparks feature is another important differentiator from Facebook. Spark is Google leveraging its search engine to do something Facebook can’t do—give users an instant wellspring of relevant information to share with friends. Because Facebook has no search engine, its users must leave the site to find shareable data or wait for their friends the share it with them. The question "how do I find stuff to share" is immediately answered with Sparks.

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5. You Can Get Your Data Back

Facebook is notorious for its poor stewardship of personal data. You are forced to make certain parts of your personal data "public" for example, and It is very hard to permanently delete your Facebook profile. Google, on the other hand, makes it possible for you to pick up all the data you’ve banked at Google+ and walk away. This is done through a Google+ tool called “Data Liberation.” With just a few clicks you can download data from your Picasa Web Albums, Google profile, Google+ stream, Buzz and contacts.

6. Better Photo Tagging

When viewing photos in Google+ you can “tag” the people in them similar to the way you do in Facebook. You draw a little square around a person's face, then type in their name in the box below it (or choose one of the names Google+ guesses). But there’s a big difference in the way Google handles the privacy aspect of photo tagging. When you tag someone, you see this note: “Adding this tag will notify the person you have tagged. They will be able to view the photo and the related album.” Facebook, on the other hand, does not make an effort to warn people the they’ve been tagged (possibly in an unflattering or compromising photo) and give them an immediate chance to remove the tag.
Also, Google has wisely decided to shy away from using facial recognition software, which Facebook now uses to automatically identify people in photos uploaded to user albums.

7. Strong Group Chat Features

Google+ has Facebook beat in the area of chat. Forming ad hoc group video chats using the Hangouts feature in Google+ is easy, and forming ad hoc groups for a little chat seems like a natural and fun thing to do in a social networking setting. Similarly, the new Huddle mobile app makes it easy for mobile (Android) users to start up group text chats. Facebook simply doesn't offer these tools.

8. Safer Content Sharing

Privacy advocates have long called for social networking sites to let users assign a privacy level to each piece of content they share, instead of using a pre-set list privacy settings to govern all shares. Google obviously heard those calls, and built the capability into Google+. For instance, when I share an article or upload a camera image, Google+ gives me choices of which friend circles I’d like to share that content with. Advantage Google+.

9. Google Is a Better Steward of Your Personal Data

Running a social network is all about responsible stewardship of users' personal information. Facebook is a young, fast moving company that has proved itself to be cavalier in its movements, lacking in respect for user data privacy, and accident prone. Google on the other hand, is a far more mature company that is, I would argue, seen as more trustworthy than Facebook. For the most part, Google has lived up to its “Don’t Be Evil” slogan. Which company would you rather have as the steward of your personally identifiable information?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why This Kolaveri Di? Song Lyrics and Meaning....

Why This Kolaveri Di? is a song from the upcoming Tamil movie 3, due to be released in 2012,composed by Anirudh Ravichander. The song is penned and sung by popular Tamil movie star Dhanush. A promo of this song was released on YouTube on 16th November 2011, and it instantly became viral on social networking sites for its quirky “Tanglish” (Tamil–English) lyrics. Soon, the song became the most searched video on YouTube.

A national Hit - Dhanush Says :

But people are still searching the meaning of Why This Kolaveri Di?. So, with the help of Wikipedia, I got success in finding the meaning of lyrics of this song.

Why This Kolaveri Di? Song Lyrics :

Yo boys i am singing song
Soup song…
Flop song …
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Rhythm correct
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Maintain this
Why this di.

Distance la moonu moonu moonu coloru whiteu
white background nightu nigthu
nightu coloru blacku
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
White skin-u girl-u girl-u
Girl-u heart-u black-u
Eyes-u eyes-u meet-u meet-u
My future dark
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Maama notes eduthuko
Apdiye kaila snacks eduthuko
Pa pa paan pa pa paan pa pa paa pa pa paan
Sariya vaasi
Super maama ready
Ready 1 2 3 4…
Whaa wat a change over maama
Ok maama now tune change-u
Kaila glass only english
Hand la glass
Glass la scotch
Eyes-u full-aa tear-u
Empty life-u
Girl-u come-u
Life reverse gear-u
Lovv-u lovv-u, oh my lovv-u
You showed me bouv-u
Cow-u cow-u holi cow-u
I want u hear now-u
god i m dying now-u
she is happy how-u
This song for soup boys-u
We dont have choice-u
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di [x4]
Flop song

Glossary of Why this Kolaveri Di? Song Lyrics :

Why this Kolaveri Di?: Why do you have this Kolaveri, Girl? (Represents the guy’s feeling after his girlfriend ditched him).

Kolaveri: Urge to Kill/Torment/Hurt (meaning varies on situation) someone.
Soup Song: A song about failing in love.
Soup Boys: Men who have failed in love.
Sariyaa Vaasi: Play the music properly.
Showed me Bouv-u: Rejected me (When you go near a dog, it barks ‘Bow’ which means, go away don’t come near me. Similarly when you go after a girl and she shoos you away, it is called showing ‘Bow-u’. In a funny way.)
Da or Mama: Tamil variant of “Dude” or “Bro”.
Di: Tamil variant of “Girl” or “Babe”.
Notes eduthuko… Appadiye kaiyla snacks eduthuko: Take notes… And have some snacks in hand
(This line precedes the verse in which Dhanush sings about having Scotch Whiskey. In India, it is customary to have some snacks alongside alcoholic drinks).

Why This Kolaveri Di? Music Video :

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to integrate Facebook and Twitter into Gmail

Sorry Ben Parr and Mashable. Maybe it’s me, but your instructions for integrating Twitter and Facebook into Gmail weren’t easy to follow (but thanks for providing the basics). Here are more detailed instructions “for the rest of us:”
  1. Sign into your Gmail account
  2. Go to Gmail Labs (not Google Labs)
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom to get to “Add any gadget by URL” and click on “Enable”
  4. Click on “Save Changes”
  5. To add Twitter: Go to Gadgets and paste in this address: “” (copy the address, do not click on it)
  6. Click on “Add”
  7. Refresh the page
  8. Click on the “+” in front of “Twitter” in the left column
  9. Click on “here” to connect to your Twitter account
  10. Authenticate Twitter by clicking on “Allow” (assuming you’re signed into Twitter)
  11. You might see a screen for Twitgether which threw me for a loop but you can just go back to your Gmail account
  12. Click on “Twitter” to see all the good stuff like your timeline, direct messages, @ messages, and to search
  13. To add Facebook: Go back to Gadgets and paste in this address: “” (copy the address, do not click on it)
  14. Click on “Add”
  15. Refresh the page
  16. Click on the “+” in front of “Facebook” in the left column
  17. Authenticate Facebook much like you authenticated Twitter
  18. Refresh the page
When you’re done, the bottom of the left column should look something like this.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

कोई दीवाना कहता है, कोई पागल समझता है !!

कोई दीवाना कहता है कोई पागल समझता है,
मगर धरती की बेचैनी को बस बादल समझता है !
मै तुझसे दूर कैसा हू तू मुझसे दूर कैसी है,
ये मेरा दिल समझता है या तेरा दिल समझता है !!
मोहबत्त एक अहसासों की पावन सी कहानी है,
कभी कबीरा दीवाना था कभी मीरा दीवानी है !
यहाँ सब लोग कहते है मेरी आँखों में आसूं है,
जो तू समझे तो मोती है जो ना समझे तो पानी है !!
मै जब भी तेज़ चलता हू नज़ारे छूट जाते है,
कोई जब रूप गढ़ता हू तो सांचे टूट जाते है !
मै रोता हू तो आकर लोग कन्धा थपथपाते है,
मै हँसता हू तो अक्सर लोग मुझसे रूठ जाते है !!
समंदर पीर का अन्दर लेकिन रो नहीं सकता,
ये आसूं प्यार का मोती इसको खो नहीं सकता !
मेरी चाहत को दुल्हन तू बना लेना मगर सुन ले,
जो मेरा हो नहीं पाया वो तेरा हो नहीं सकता !!
भ्रमर कोई कुम्दनी पर मचल बैठा तो हंगामा,
हमारे दिल कोई ख्वाब पल बैठा तो हंगामा !
अभी तक डूब कर सुनते थे सब किस्सा मोह्बत्त का,
मै किस्से को हक्कीकत में बदल बैठा तो हंगामा !!
बहुत बिखरा बहुत टूटा थपेडे सह नहीं पाया,
हवाओं के इशारों पर मगर मै बह नहीं पाया !
अधूरा अनसुना ही रह गया ये प्यार का किस्सा,
कभी तू सुन नहीं पाई कभी मै कह नहीं पाया !!

Great Poetry by: Dr. Kumar Vishwas

Monday, September 19, 2011

How To Become A Business Analyst..

business analyst is an information technology worker who improves the efficiency and productivity of business operations.
The business analyst achieves this by closely analyzing the business processes in an organization for inefficiencies.
When inefficient business processes are discovered, the business analyst makes recommendations for business process improvements.
If the recommended solution is approved, the business analyst works withcomputer programmerslead software developerssoftware managers and other information technology workers to implement the recommended solutions.
The business analyst works in a team, acting as a liaison between the business team and the software development team.
The business analyst is the information technology worker who lives in two worlds, one being the business world and the other being the software development world.
A business analyst needs to understand software development enough to discuss the details of the business process improvement project with computer programmers assigned to the project in a technical language programmers understand.
Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst
The roles and responsibilities of a business analyst include:
Acting as a liaison between the software development team and the business team.
Writing feasibility studies, project briefs, cost analysis, testing schedules and user manuals for new business processes.
Analyzing business processes to identify problems and implementing solutions that improve the business process.
Communicating and presenting technical solutions for business problems to business stakeholders and owners.
Documenting or explaining complex business operations to software developers.
Career Outlook and Prospects for Business AnalystsLike the other professions in software development, business analysts also havewell-paying jobs. In 2006, business analysts in the United States earned an average of $68,579 annually, with bonuses amounting to $3,783. The total increase from the figures of 2005 is 3.1%.
Business analysts who become contract information technology workers can earn six-figure salaries.
I recommend that you read two of my previous articles on contracting if you are interested in becoming a contract business analyst. The first article is the how to become a contract business analyst. The second is Full Time Business Analysts Or Contract Contract Business Analysts.
Both articles will help you decide whether to be a full-time business analyst or a contract business analyst.
Skills and Requirements for a Business Analyst
In some organizations, the business analyst works with a team of computer programmers and does not need to master computer programming.
In other organizations, the line separating the business analyst and the computer programmer is fuzzy, therefore the business analyst must know how to code. In cases like this a beginner or entry-level mastery of computer programming is all that is needed.
Generally, a basic computer expertise in computer programming will help a business analyst perform their work better.
To gain this basic expertise in computer programming, an aspiring business analyst should have a solid understanding of SQLdata analysis, reporting,UMLVisual Basic programmingMicrosoft Office Automation and a few other software packages.
Just bear in mind that this varies from organization to organization.
The ability to work in a team and to coordinate among people is also a skill that the business analyst needs to cultivate. Good writing skills andcommunication skills are also helpful in this career.
Comparing Computer Programmer Careers To Business Analyst Careers
. Technology Skills: Computer programmers spend the majority of their time writing code while business analysts spend a minor amount of time writing code.
. People Skills: Business analysts invest a lot of time interacting with business users a lot, so they need good communication and relationship skills.
Computer programmers tend to invest most of their time working on software that will be used by people. So communication and relationship skills are secondary to technical skills for software developers.
. Entry level requirements: Business analysis positions tend to have lower entry level requirements than computer programming positions. Business analysis positions tend to pay lower than computer programming positions as well.
One of the advantages of learning computer programming is that you instantly have a lot of well-paying career options including software project management and business analysis.
The business analyst career stands out because it gently introduces you to the software development industry. It also provides you the opportunity to use more of your communication, relationship-building and data-analysis talents.
After more than a decade in software development, I’m convinced that many people don’t realize they have the option of becoming a business analyst. I hope that you do decide to become a business analyst if you are not really cut out to be a computer programmer.
If you want to become a business analyst or are looking for a business analyst job, begin by reading the series titled “The Business Analyst JobDescription” to get the foundation or knowledge you need to succeed in business analyst jobs or roles.